About Streaming Sorted

Streaming Sorted is an information website about streaming on any platform, from Twitch to Youtube, and even Facebook gaming! We have useful information about Software and Equipment as well as guides related to streaming. We will cover everything from Stream Deck Mobile, to Microphone filters and everything in between! The information we have can really help boost your stream, make sure you reach more people and gain a higher following!

We will write as many guides as we can, including some which you can suggest here! If you take a look at the home page, you can find the posts that our users have found most useful, or use the search bar to find whatever you need! On the Software page, there is information on streaming software, like what to use and how to set it up. There will also be leaks as they come in, for future updates to the various software’s, and platforms. On the Equipment page we will have information on the top equipment, used for streaming, whether it is Microphones or Stream decks, PC hardware or Capture cards, we will cover it! On the guides section we will have our guides to streaming. These guides could be to do with networking, or even stream decks! The point is, we will give you information or guides on anything you need!

What was the motivation for Streaming Sorted?

As a streamer, I was always searching "How do I set up X?", or "What's the best budget Microphone for streaming?" Often it would take me hours to find the answers to my many questions, and sometimes I couldn't even find the answer and had to work it out myself. I knew I wasn't alone in feeling this, so in the Spring of 2020 I decided to code Streaming Sorted! We are constantly working to improve the Streaming Sorted, so that it is easier to browse, and simpler to find the information you need!

We believe that anyone should be able to find the answers to any questions they have related to streaming, so we will continue to write new content a few times a week, so that no article is unwritten! We are happy to take suggestions for new content here, so that you and others can receive the help that you need!

Our Goals

Our goal is to help as many streamers as we can. Whether you have 1 viewer, 100 viewers, or 10,000 viewers there will be something to help you improve!

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