How to change your alert sound and theme with Streamlabs OBS

Last updated:01/08/2020

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Changing your alerts is a very good feature that Streamlabs OBS has, but some people didn’t even know you can change it! There are many options for the theme within the app, or on the website! Some of the Themes require you to have Streamlabs prime, which you can get money off with this link! ! Changing the alert noise just requires you to upload a sound or find a stock sound and select it. You can have different alert sounds for new follows, donations, subscriptions and more! We recommend changing the design as soon as you can, as the default one isn’t particularly nice, and changing it can show that you’ve put effort into the channel.

How to change your alert box on Streamlabs OBS?

This can seem very complicated to change. A common misconseption is that you have to design the alerts, however that is wrong. People often over complicate changing it, but in reality to change the alert design you just have to follow these simple steps!

Open Streamlabs OBS and go to the themes section.

Streamlabs OBS themes

Press the Widget themes category. You should be looking at hundreds of different themes. Some of these will say prime in the top right whereas others do not. If it says prime, that means you have to have Streamlabs Prime to use them. If they say nothing, they are free! You can search ‘free’ to only see free themes.

Once you have found a theme that you like and click on it. In the top left you will see ‘Widgets:0.’ Click on this, and press select all. Then press install.

Next, go to the streamlabs website, then go to the Widget Themes page. To do this, either click this link, or log into your account, go to the alert box category and then press ‘manage themes.’

Make sure that the theme you downloaded is active.

Once you have done this, it should be setup! To test it, open the Streamlabs OBS app, and double-click on your alert box. Press ‘Test Widgets,’ and then try out your different alerts.

Streamlabs test alert

If it has not worked, go back through the steps and check you did them correctly. If you can’t work out what you have done wrong, you can contact us here and we will try our best to help you!

How to change your alert sound on Streamlabs OBS?

Changing your streamlabs alert sound is also simple to do. To begin, you will need to have a download of the sound you want to use. You must have the rights to use the sound. If you don’t it is possible that you could get copyright claimed for illegal reuse. Alternatively, you could use a Streamlabs stock sound.

Go to the streamlabs website, and go to the alertbox category.

Select the Alert that you want to change the sound for. Unfortunately, you have to change the sound for each type of alert (follows, Subscriptions, donations) although this does give you the option to have a different sound for each alert.

Scroll down to the sound option, and press change media.

Upload your own sound or choose a stock sound. Press select when you have done this.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Save settings.’ This is especially important as the alert won’t work if you don’t do this.

Repeat these steps for each alert sound you want to change. Finally, go back to Streamlabs OBS, and test the alerts. To do this, double-click on your alert box. Press ‘Test Widgets,’ and then try out your different alerts.

Why don’t some bits/ donations alerts go off?

Sometimes, when you receive a donation or Bits the alert doesn’t go off. This can be annoying, especially if you’re a smaller streamer. There are a few simple fixes so that you don’t miss a donation ever again.

Minimum threshold for an alert

Streamlabs often has a minimum amount for an alert to go off, for example 100 bits, or a £5 donation. This is amazingly simple to change!

Open the Streamlabs website and go to the alert box section. Select the alert type that you want to change and change the Min. to alert. If you are a small streamer, we recommend setting this to the minimum, so that you never miss anything!

No Alert sound or image set

If you have removed the alert sound, or image then the alert wont go off. This is also simple to change!

Again, open the Streamlabs website and go to the alert box section. Select the Alert type that isn’t working, and check that there is an image and sound set. If there is, then check the Sound volume and alert duration.

If this doesn’t work, we recommend contacting Streamlabs support as all of your settings appear to be correct.

And that is how to change your alerts with Streamlabs OBS. If this helped you, make sure to share with your friends so they can change their alerts as well! Let us know what you changed yours to on social media @streamingsorted.

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