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Microphone under £50

What are the best microphones under £50?

Microphones are very important to streamers, its their way of interacting with viewers. Streamers without good microphones are not watched as much, as their viewers like crystal clear sound. They especially don’t like it if it sounds like a wind tunnel! If you’re microphone has static noise, we suggest looking into setting up a noise gate however, if you’re looking to buy a new microphone you are in the right place. We will be looking through the best microphones on amazon, which are all under £50. We will evaluate the pros and cons of each microphone and rank them, 1 to 5.

Webcam thumbnail

What are the best cheap webcams? - 2020

Do you need a new webcam for work gaming, or video calls? We reviewed the top selling, cheap microphones and evaluated them for you!


Recommended specs for live streaming - 2020

Working out if you can stream can be difficult, so we have worked out the minimum and recommended specifications for streaming with or without a capture card.


What are the best gaming and streaming PC’s for every budget under £900/ $1000? - 2020

We have researched the best PC's on amazon for every budget so you don't have to!


What are the best cheap monitors? - 2020

Do you need a second monitor for work gaming, or efficiency? We reviewed the top selling, cheap monitors and evaluated them for you!

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