7 Twitch Extensions you must have

Last updated:29/07/2020

Twitch Extensions

Twitch extensions can be extremely useful on your twitch channel, as they can be used for interacting with viewers, receiving viewer input and they even allow your viewers to use BITS to play minigames, or trigger events. You receive 80% of these BITS. We will be going through the most useful twitch extensions for your channel so you can engage your viewers even more!

What are Twitch extensions??

Firstly, you should understand what an extension for your twitch channel is. A Twitch extension is a live app that can interact with the stream, as a panel underneath the channel or in the live chat. There can be interactive experiences, such as mini-games, leader boards, information about yourself and your gear and even your in-game stats!

Where do your viewers see the extensions?

On PC, your viewers can see the extensions underneath the stream, and on mobile they are in the ‘about’ section.

How do you add Twitch extensions to your channel?

It’s pretty simple to add extensions, you just have to go to the creator dashboard, and press extensions on the left hand side. There is a discovery page where you will see hundreds of Extensions which viewers and streamers like to use.

What twitch extensions should you use?

There are plenty of Extensions for everyone’s needs on twitch, whether your singing, or streaming COD. The extensions range from in game stats, to the size of your discord server and more!

1) Stream Schedule

The first extension that we recommend a stream schedule with a countdown. It shows a handy countdown to the next time you will be live so that your viewers will always know! It is quite easy to setup, and can help viewers have time to watch you, as they’ll know when you will be live. There’s a lot of choice out there, some needing to be linked to a google calendar, and some just needing a simple setup. Stream schedules can change quite often though, so we recommend having a way of interacting with your viewers, to tell them when you will be live. This brings us quite nicely to our next two extensions.

2) Discord Widget

The next useful extension that is useful is the Discord Widget! This widget shows the number of online members in your discord server. This helps show that you have an active community and invites new people to join! This is quite useful because it can help new members feel welcomed into your community through chatting with you and your other viewers. If you don’t have a discord server yet, we totally recommend spending some time making one, as it can help bring viewers back to the stream!

Discord extension

3) Instagram feed

The Instagram feed is another useful extension which can help tell your viewers when you’re live! Perhaps some of your viewers don’t have Discord to join your server, they can see you post when you go live on Instagram instead. If you don’t have an Instagram account for your stream yet, we totally recommend making one to post some clips from your stream on!

instagram extension

4) Suggestion box

This is a very handy extension to keep your viewers entertained! It allows your viewers to suggest what you should stream, or how you can improve the content for your viewers! If you are just starting streaming, this could really help you improve as your viewers know what they want!

5) Prime Subscription and Loot Reminder

We only recommend this Extension to Affiliates and Partners, as it is no use if you’re not. Essentially, all it does is remind the user that if they have twitch prime, they have a free subscription to someone, as well as Twitch Prime loot. Remember, if you have amazon prime, you can get Twitch prime for free! If you get a free amazon prime trial, you can also get twitch prime for the length of the trial!

6) In game stats for the games you play

If you’re playing competitive games with public stats, this is perfect for you! If not, then this isn’t useful. An in-game stats panel can show your viewers how good you are at different games, and it also tells them what games you play! There are panels like these for Fortnite, Warzone, Rainbow 6 Siege, and many other games.

7) Latest followers

This is a particularly good if you’re a smaller streamer as it mentions your new followers to everyone! It is a simple popup when you hover over the screen on desktop twitch, and even allows your viewers to cheer on it with BITS! You receive 80% of the bits used on your channel, and the other 20% goes to the creator of the extension.

And there you have it, those are the top Twitch Extensions you should use to improve your stream! Make sure to share with your streamer friends so they can improve their stream as well! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @streamingsorted.

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