Streamlabs Deck - should you use it?

Last updated:24/07/2020

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Streamlabs deck is a mobile app available for Apple and Samsung devices. It links to your Streamlabs account on PC and allows you to control your stream the same way as you would if you had a stream deck. We will be talking you through setting it up, and reviewing it to see if it’s worth it.

What is Streamlabs Deck?

The Streamlabs deck is a mobile app that allows you to control your stream. It is advertised as ‘The best hotkey system for when you stream from a computer! No more need for expensive hardware! Use your mobile phone to control your desktop broadcast to put even more power in your hands. Just connect to Streamlabs OBS using the same network that you are streaming from on your desktop and you can switch instantly between scenes, control your broadcast settings, and much more.’ So, the Streamlabs deck is a stream deck but, on your phone/ tablet? Yes, that is basically what a stream deck is! There is no need to spend a lot of money on expensive equipment when it can be on your phone. The hotkeys that are on the Streamlabs deck are similar to those that could be on your keyboard, but it is unlikely that you will accidently press them and break your stream. All Streamlabs prime and Amazon links are affiliate links, which I receive a small commission for, however that doesn’t influence our recommendations in any way.

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How to setup the Streamlabs Deck

To start, you need to download the app from the Apple or Android store.

When you first open the app, it will ask you to sign into your twitch, YouTube, Facebook or another other account. We recommend signing in because it will import all of your widget settings, and setup the app for you.

After you have logged in, there will be 5 categories at the bottom. We will talk you through all of these categories, look what they are for and how they can help your stream.

  • Remote
  • Events
  • Share
  • Chat
  • Settings


Remote is the section that could be ‘your stream deck.’ When you go on the page, it will ask you to scan the QR code in Streamlabs OBS, and also gives you the option of a manual connection.

Scan image

QR code – To connect with a QR code, you need to open Streamlabs OBS on your PC, and go into settings. Go on the Remote Control section and reveal the QR code. It is important that you do not share this QR code to anyone. Scan the QR code with your device, and you should be setup!

Streamlabs remote control

Manual connection – To connect manually, you go to the remote control section in settings again, reveal the QR code then press ‘Show details.’ This will reveal 3 numbers – the API token, Port, and IP addresses. You will need to copy these exactly into the Streamlabs deck, and then you will be connected. We recommend bookmarking this page, as this often resets/ logs you out.

Once you have connected, you will see all of your different sources as buttons. These will all be different but there are some that everyone has, like ‘Go live’ or ‘Start recording.’ There is also a configure button, so you can reorder the buttons to suit you best! This is the basic Streamlabs deck app setup done, so you could start your stream now, however we recommend reading to the end, so you can use this app to its full extent.

Streamlabs OBS sources


The events section of the app is similar to your mini feed. It will tell you all of the events that happen on your stream, like follows, subscriptions and donations. This is very useful, especially if you just have one monitor so you don’t have to alt tab to see your events!


The share section can be very useful to boost your viewers, especially if you use it well! There is the option to share your stream on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram stories, twitter, SMS, and just copying the link. This can be particularly useful to share to your friends, family and community if you’re live!


The chat section is particularly useful, so you can interact with your viewers. No streamer wants to have to change tab to view their chat, so it is useful to have it open on your phone! Unfortunately, you can’t send messages, but you can read your chat with no delay at all.

There are 6 different sections in the Settings category, some which are more self-explanatory than others, but we will explain them all.

Streamlabs Deck settings
  • Remote control – this lets you change the remote control layout and looks, it also allows you to turn on screen lock.
  • Theme – This allows you to swap between light and dark mode.
  • About – This tells you your app version
  • Prime – this will take you to the Streamlabs website to give you the option to buy Streamlabs prime. Alternatively you can buy it with this link link to receive money off.
  • Support – This takes you to the Support section on the Streamlabs website.
  • Log out – This allows you to log out of your linked streaming account.

We think that the Streamlabs Deck is a very useful tool for streamers that you should 100% use if you stream with Streamlabs. It is especially useful if you don't want to invest in an elgato stream deck. If this has helped you, make sure to share with your friends so they can improve their stream as well, and let us know on social media!

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