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What streaming software should you use on Windows or Mac? - 2020

Want to start, or improve your stream but don't know what to use? We reviewed and evaluated the top streaming software to ensure you are using the best software for your needs.

Noisegate thumbnail

How to remove the keyboard, controller, background or static noise from your stream!

Everybody hates static noise, especially if they are trying to watch a live stream but it is ruined by it. For the viewer, there is nothing to be done about static noise, 9 times out of 10 they will just go and watch someone else. You have probably lost countless viewers over time because they don’t like listening to static, so this guide will tell you how to prevent it, by setting up a noise gate. This also works to prevent keyboard/ controller noise.

Streamlabs Deck

Streamlabs deck - Should you use it? - 2020

We will be telling you how to setup Streamlabs Deck, and evaluating if it is worth using!


Bits to money converter - 2020

Recieving bits on twitch is awesome, but converting them to money? It can be complicated to work out. That is why we built a Bits converter!

Streamlabs alert

Changing your alert sound and theme with Streamlabs OBS

Changing your alerts is a very good feature that Streamlabs OBS has, but some people didn’t even know you can change it! We will be talking you through changing the sounds and themes!

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