A complete guide to the Twitch Affiliate program

Last updated:23/07/2020

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Reaching affiliate on twitch can seem extremely hard, if not nearly impossible however with this guide, we will be going through the affiliate requirements, and the easiest way to complete them.

What is the twitch affiliate program?

The Twitch Affiliate Program puts qualified streamers one step closer toward the dream of making a living from their passions. Twitch Affiliates can start earning income on Twitch while they build their audience and work toward the coveted status of Twitch Partner.

How to get the twitch affiliate requirements

How can Twitch Affiliates earn money?

Ways twitch affiliates make money
  • Paid subs – Your viewers can subscribe to you for £4.99, $5.99, or the equivalent in your currency. Twitch takes 50% of this, and the streamer gets the other 50%.
  • Twitch Prime subs – Users with twitch prime, which costs £7.99, gives the user one free sub. Alternatively if the user has amazon prime, they can link it to their twitch and gain the twitch prime benefits. The twitch prime sub has the same value as a paid subscription, so the streamer still gets 50%. If you don’t yet have Amazon Prime, we recommend getting a free trial so you can support your favourite streamer, get free next-day delivery and so much more!
  • Gifted subs – Your viewers can gift a subscription to another member of your community, so that they can enjoy the benefits of being subscribed to you! It costs the same as a normal subscription, so you still get 50%
  • Ads – You can choose to run ads midway through your stream, and before your viewers can watch you. The streamer gets a $3.50 USD CPM, which essentially means that every 1000 ad views, you will make $3.50.
  • Cheering – Your viewers can donate ‘bits’ to you, or ‘cheer.’ Every bit donated is equal to 0.01¢. For viewers, 500 bits costs about £6.50.
  • Game sales – You can also earn from sales of games, or in game items. Whenever you are buying a game with in-games items for sale, a purchase button appears beneath the stream. Affiliates gain a 5% revenue share of the sale. This is the full list of games that you could make a commission off.
  • Extensions – Affiliates can earn money when Bits are used in certain Extensions on their channel pages. The streamer will take 80% of each bit used, and the other 20% goes the user that made the extension.

Twitch affiliate Payout – When does it happen?

Affiliates will be paid halfway through the next month, If they have made over $100. If they haven’t, the money will roll over to the next month.

How to get the twitch affiliate status

There are 4 requirements for to become a twitch affiliate. You must complete all of them over a 30 day period, except from the 50 followers, which you just have to have.

Twitch affiliate requirements

Reach 50 followers - Reaching 50 followers seems awfully hard, but it doesn’t have to be. If you stream something with thousands of viewers, and thousands of streamers with less than 5 viewers it is very unlikely that many people will click on your stream. However, if you stream something with less than 500 viewers, and just a handful of people streaming it, you’re much more likely to be seen. One common misconception is that doing ‘follow for follow’ to get 50 followers is a good idea. It may help you to reach 50 followers, but it will not help you with your average viewers, as it is very likely that none of them will ever watch your stream, so you will have 50 followers and an average of 0, so in the long term, follow for follow is not worth it.

Stream for 8 hours – This is simple enough; you just have to stream for 8 hours total in 1 month.

Stream on 7 different days – This is also quite simple; you just need to stream on 7 different days across a month.

Average of 3 viewers – This is what most streamers struggle with during their affiliate grind, because its so hard to get 3 consistent viewers across a month. Getting your friends to watch your stream can be a good idea, however if you reach 50 followers without doing ‘follow for follow’ it can be quite easy.

And there you have it, that is the complete guide to the twitch affiliate program. We wish you luck in reaching the affiliate status on twitch! Make sure you share this with your friends if they’re trying to become twitch affiliates as well! Follow us on social media and let us know if this helped!

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