Twitch Bits to Money Calculator - Updated September 2020

Last updated:01/09/2020

Twitch BITS

As streamers, we know that recieving bits is enjoyable, but working out how much money the bits are worth? It can be very confusing. Bits are a Twitch currency which you buy with real money. For the streamer, 1 Bit is worth 1 Pence, so 100 Bits are worth $1 and so on, however this can be hard to work out, especially if you don't like doing maths. That is why we have created this Bits to USD converter. This will also help users to see how much money streamers get from bits!

How to use our Bits Calculator?

Our Bits to USD Calculator is surprisingly easy to use! All that you need to do is type in the number of bits that you want to convert, and then you'll be given the answer!

Bits to money (USD)

Money: $

Money (USD) to Bits


How to convert Bits to Dollars

Converting Bits to Dollars may seem complicated, but in reality, it is very simple! To convert from Bits to Dollars, you just Divide by 100. So 1 bit would be 0.01 Dollars/ 1 cent, so 100 bits would be $1 and so on.

How to convert Dollars to Bits

Converting Dollars to bits is just as easy as bits to dollars! To convert Dollars to Bits you just multiply by 100. So 1 Dollar would be 100 Bits, and 10 Dollars would be 1000 Bits.

Bits Badges

Depending on the amount of bits you donate, you might get a badge next to your name in the chat! These are the thresholds for the amounts of bits to donate for different badges.

Bit Badges

How much do Bits Cost?

This is a real-time list of the cost of Twitch Bits in USD and GBP.

These prices are correct as of 1st September 2020

Bits USD GBP Discount
100 $1.40 £2.92 none
300 $3 £2.92 29%
500 $7 £6.81 none
1,500 $19.95 £19.40 5%
5,000 $64.40 £62.64 8%
10,000 $126.00 £122.55 10%
25,000 $308.00 £299.56 12%

You can buy bits worth anything between $1, and $250. You can donate any amount of bits to any Twitch affiliates or partners, however it isn't guarenteed that they will thank you/ acknowledge you. Some Streamers have a minimum amount of bits for an alert to go off, so bare that in mind when you are donating bits!

How to cheer Bits?

So, after you have purchased your bits on twitch, you can donate them to a streamer of your choice, but how? It is different on desktop and mobile, so we will go through it on both!


Log in to your twitch account, and go to a channel where Bit donations are enabled. The streamer must be a twitch affiliate or partner.

Click the Bits icon. If you have any bits, you're set! If you don't, then you can buy some, or check how to get free bits.

Cheering screen

Now you can choose the 'Cheermote' you want to use, and then type the number of bits you want to donate next to it! It should look something like this - SeemsGood1000.


To donate Bits on mobile, the process is very similar! You must be logged in on the twitch app.

Select the streamer you want to donate Bits to. Select the Bits icon. If you don't have any bits, you can purchase them here.

Donating Bits on Mobile

Choose the badge you would like, and select the number of bits. After you have done this, you are done!

How to get free Bits on twitch

These methods to recieve free bits are completely legitimate, and approved by Twitch.

Not being able to buy Bits to donate can be annoying, however there are 2 methods to get free bits on twitch!

Method 1

This method is the easiest to complete, but also the least profitable. As far as I'm aware, it is only available on the Desktop Twitch website.

When you click on the Bits icon in somebodies chat, press 'Buy Bits.' There will be options to pay for bits, but also an option that saus 'Get 5 or more Bits by watching short ads.' If you click 'watch ad,' Ads will play and you will recieve bits. This is a simple, low effort way to get bits but it takes a while to get a decent amount of bits.

Method 2

TwitchRPG is twitch's research page that allows users to vote on new emotes, take surveys and more to earn free Twitch bits. They typically reward about 500 Bits per survey! This method is alot more profitable than watching ads, as you recieve alot more bits in a shorter amount of time.

History of twitch Bits

Twitch announced bits in the Summer 2016, and fully roled out the program during the Autumn. Bits were originally available in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Lithuania, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, US Outlying Islands, UK, and US. And have now been extended to plenty more countries!

And that is a full explanation of the twitch Bits program, aswell as a bit - USD converter. Make sure you share with your friends so they don't struggle converting their bits! If this helped you, let us know on social media @streamingsorted.

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