A complete guide to the Stream Manager on Twitch

Last updated:25/08/2020

Twitch stream manager

When you first start streaming on twitch, there are a lot of different things to get confused about. From the affiliate program, to the Stream Manager. From Drops to the video producer. It can be quite confusing and overwhelming for a new streamer, so that is why we have made this guide about the Stream Manager on twitch!

What is the Twitch Stream Manager?

Essentially, the dashboard is like the control panel of your stream. You can change the name or category from it. You can view all of your stream events. Stats and chat! There are also plenty of quick actions you can perform from it, like raids, clips, and chat modes! These terms may seem confusing, but once you get used to it, they’re quite simple to use and understand! One common mistake is trying to find your stream key on the Twitch dashboard. Use this guide if you need to find your stream key!

How do I access the Twitch Stream manager

  1. Use the direct link
  2. This is definitely the easiest way to access your dashboard, you simple edit this link so it says your name. Then you put it into your browser and you’re in! This does not allow you to access another users dashboard.

    This is the link – Replace ‘INSERTNAME’ with your channel name. - https://dashboard.twitch.tv/u/INSERTNAME/stream-manager

  3. Twitch home page
  4. You can actually access your dashboard from any page on twitch, simply by clicking on your profile picture in the top right, then clicking Stream Manager.

How to use the Stream Manager on twitch

When you first open up the stream manager, there will be a lot of options, and different buttons. We will be going through all of the different buttons, and explaining what they mean, and what they do. In the top left, there is a pencil. You can click this to rearrange the panels or add more!

  • Activity feed – The activity feed shows you events that happen on your channel. Events are new followers, subs, gifted subs, bits and more! You can filter out different events, so you don’t constantly see events that you don’t need to see, however unless you are getting new followers every minute, we recommend leaving them all on.
  • My chat – This is quite self-explanatory. It simply shows your stream chat and allows you to send messages in it! If you are getting too many messages or the chat box isn’t big enough, you can click on the 3 dots in the top right, and ‘pop-out’ the chat. This puts it as a separate window and allows you to resize it.
  • Stream Preview – This shows you what your viewers are seeing at that moment! You can also see the title, category, and tags, although you can’t edit any of it. You edit it through the ‘Edit stream info panel.’
  • Edit stream info – This panel is simple to use, you can change any of your stream info, which includes the Title, Go live notification, Category, Audience, Tags, and stream language. You can also change this on Moderator view, or from your streaming software!
  • Mod actions – This shows all past mod actions, like timing out, banning and raids! It can be useful to see if any mods are abusing their power, or to check users past offences.
  • Active mods – The active mods panel simply shows you which mods are active on your stream, and which are inactive. This is useful If you want to ask a specific mod to use a command or do something for you!
  • AutoMod Queue – This is where all of the messages which AutoMod has flagged for review. You can edit the sensitivity under Preferences > Moderation. The different categories for AutoMod include Discrimination, Sexual content, Hostility and Profanity. Either you or a channel moderator can approve or decline a message.
  • Reward Requests Queue – The Reward requests are where you see anything that a user has redeemed with channel points, which you have to respond to, like ‘hydrate’ or ‘Play a game with you’.
  • Quick actions - This is the Panel which will keep your stream running smoothly! There are many different quick actions which you can choose between, so we will be walking through them all!
  • Manage your stream – There are 4 different quick actions in this section. Add stream marker, and add stream marker with Description. If you regularly use your stream VODs, then these could be very useful for you! They allow you to add a marker to the stream VOD, where you want a section for your YouTube video perhaps! The Clip that button does exactly what it says! It allows you to clip the last 30 seconds of your stream! Finally, Edit stream information does the exact same as the Edit stream info panel. It allows you to edit the stream info, without taking up space constantly!
Manage your stream Twitch
  • Grow your community – There are 6 quick actions here, which could all help you grow your channel! Host channel allows your viewers to see another persons stream when they look at your channel page. Manage your poll allows you to start a poll in chat, for something like ‘what game should I play next!’ Start loot gifting allows Prime members to share extra copies of Prime gaming content, to help out your audience! That is an action which I definitely recommend! Raid a channel allows you to send all of your viewers to another stream when you are ending! This can help another streamer grow! Start a rerun allows your viewers to watch an old stream, or video when you’re not live. Finally, channel points reward queue, which is for affiliates and partners only allows you to see what your viewers are spending their channel points on!
  • Manage your chat – Again, these are all very useful actions which help your channel! Firstly, we have Clear chat history, which clears your whole stream chat in a single click! The other 3 quick actions toggle different chat modes, including Emote-only chat, follower-only and for affiliates and partners, Sub-only chat!
  • Monetize your stream – Finally, we have the monetisation quick buttons! These are only available to Twitch affiliates and Twitch partners. All of these quick actions run an ad break to either all of your viewers, or all of your viewers who aren’t subscribed. The lengths vary from 30 seconds, to 180 seconds. This can be very useful if you’re going away from your stream for a couple of minutes, so that you make some money when you’re gone!

And that is the full guide to the Twitch stream manager, including all of the panels and quick actions! Make sure you share this with fellow streamers so they can control their streams! Let us know on social media @streamingsorted if this helped!

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